Monday, 26 September 2005

AFL Grand Final saved by a mark

The Sydney Swans may play the worst form of AFL football to watch -- okay, they do play the least entertaining form of AFL football ever devised -- but the Swans-Eagles final came down to one last-minute mark (photo right, story here, video of final minutes here) and the ugly Swans came up with the pill and the Premiership.

I'd like to congratulate them, but if this is the future of footy, I might have to start watching golf*. It was like watching England pay rugby, only more so. Footy was the loser on the day.

And if, like most NZ media, you have no idea what I'm talking about ... then shame on you!
* Yes, yes, I'm joking. Sheesh. The worst afternoon spent watching AFL is still way better than the best afternoon watching rugby league -- who cares which pack of brainless munters are in the NRL Final? Not me. And golf isn't even a sport; it's recreation.

1 comment:

  1. It's an odd little game that has almost as many refs/umps on the park as players! :)

    But now to the crux. Brainless munters? BRAINLESS munters?! We leagueheads are renowned for our intelligence, eloquence and sheer finesse donchano! Any episode of The (Sydney) Footy Show displays that in buckets - not to mention the monikers, eg Blocker, Chief & Sonny Bill.

    The final between the Cowboys and the Tigers will be huge!!

    Anymore of this undisguised vitriole and I'll be forced to visit armed with the entire Pink Floyd collection ...


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