Thursday, 18 August 2005

A 'whiff of Orwell' across NZ schools

Confirmation today that "The Education Ministry will introduce values to the national curriculum, as parents fail to teach them at home." That at least is how The Dominion describes the move by the Ministry to have New Zealand's government schools teach the Ministry's chosen values.

As a good friend of mine said when this was first announced, there's more than a whiff of Orwell about this. Best to effect a complete separation of school and state, for reasons I argue here.


  1. It's not the attempt to shove morals down the throats of unsuspecting kids I object to.

    It's that it's a pointless waste of money. You can't teach this stuff that way.

  2. This is utterly disgusting, firstly for the idea and 2ndly for the simpering support and lack of criticism so far from NZ media. Imagine the furor if Shipley's Government had tried to do the same in the 1990's.

  3. I didn't support it, but I guess I'm only quasi-media ;-). Heck, I think I'm the only one on the planet who spoke out against it when it first got mooted.


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