Monday, 29 August 2005

When abolishing racism is racism

Can someone tell me how exactly "abolishing the [Maori] seats would... hurt social cohesion in New Zealand," or is the Greens Frog Blog (sorry, frog blog) talking:
a) "the politics of racial divisiveness"
b) racist nonsense
c) gibberish
d) spin.


  1. The usual post-modernist claptrap that classifies people into groups, some oppressed, some not, and justifies any special use of other people's money, or regulating other people's lives or property - for the sake of the so-called oppressed group.

    How do these people cope with Maori who are wealthy through private enterprise? How do the Greens cope with looking at people and not judging them by race?

  2. Yes, how are people classified into groups! Gee, hmmm... that's a hum-dinger, that!


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