Friday, 12 August 2005

Schofferhofer O'Clock

It's just about Beer O'Clock, and thoughts are turning to one or two of these: A German Weizen bier. Sadly, it may not be what I end up with, but as the song sort of says, if you can't drink the one you love ...


  1. Now my heart is longing for De Post and any one of their delightful brews, with a nice Belgian sausage and mash to go with it. The perfect sundowner. Damn you PC! Damn you for this unreasonable torture! :-)

  2. What we end up with is seldom what we want, so stop complaining.

  3. Hells bells Ruth, you're such a square all the time! Take some time out from mentoring Mothers-in-law for a change and pull back on a tin of Canterbury Draft why don'tcha?

  4. I keep trying Rick - but he won't invite me ;-) It is Peter who is the 'square' - such a quaint term. I think he is scared of me.

  5. In NZ? Probably $5 a bottle or so I'm afraid. And it needs to be much warmer.

  6. Wheat beer needs to be cold. and served with morw wheat beer!After a bit, the slice of lemon doesn't matter much!

    Viva da Loaded Hog!


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