Wednesday, 10 August 2005

PC's Art for the Night

Well, it's not exactly the art you've come to expect this time of an evening, but ... (insert obvious jokes here).


Anonymous michael fasher said...


10 Aug 2005, 21:25:00  
Blogger Rick said...

That would appear to be the K-mobile at the foot of Mt Eden (with some local tramp wandered into the shot). A high-traffic spot!

10 Aug 2005, 22:26:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jesus, PC. That's quite large. I hope you got resource consent :-)

11 Aug 2005, 07:43:00  
Blogger PC said...

The local tramp just wouldn't get out of the way. I sent him off to get resource consent. :-)

11 Aug 2005, 08:16:00  

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