Thursday, 25 August 2005

New blogs

The New Zealand blogosphere presently rejoices in both Frog Blog, and Prog Blog, the former the official Green Party blog espousing authoritarian environmentalism, the latter the official Jim-Anderton-kissed-my-baby blog.

Other party blogs, official and unofficial, are not as snappily named as these two, which some have seen as a missed opportunity. Until now. Some exciting new blogs have recently taken up the nomenclatural baton adopted by the two blogs of the authoritarian left:

Wog Blog: Run by a NZ First lackey to tell success stories of immigrants returning to their home country.

Flog Blog: A Christian Heritage Party blog telling stories of how different moral crimes can be fixed with judicious lashings of corporal punishment.

Clog Blog: A blog chock-full of thigh-slapping Dutch jokes and humour. Run by Harry Duynhoven.

Dog Blog: Regularly updated to highlight some of the beautiful women in the Labour Caucus, before they're airbrushed.

Hog Blog: Gerry Brownlee's diet blog. (Irregularly updated.)

Jog Blog: Bill English's exercise blog.

Log Blog: Blog run by the Ranfurly Shield holders.

Bog Blog: A blog discussing failed Private Members Bills before they're finally flushed down the toilet of history. Occasionally of an evening posts examples of post-modern art.

Nig Nog Blog: Paul Holmes's blog paying homage "to Koffi Annan and other cheeky darkies."

Fog Blog: Wet, thick and concealing -- David Benson-Pope's regular online confessions.

1 comment:

  1. Zog blog - The Albanian monarchist league

    Grog blog - The Brewer's United Front, what DID happent to them?


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