Friday, 5 August 2005

Militant Islam is the enemy

James Gribble has a confused post that becomes good halfway down, where he comments on a mooted "slogan change from 'Global War on Terrorism' (GWOT) to 'Global Struggle Against Violent Extremism' (GSAVE)."

As he says, it woudl be pathetic if true.
A cosmetic change like this will do nothing. A fundamental change is in order.
It's war within Islam. A battle for the soul of Islam. It is not 'terrorism' (which is merely a tactic of the weak - a form of asymmetrical warfare) . It's all about ISLAMIC EXTREMISM [or Militant Islam], an interpretation of the religion which inspires a cult of death. It doesn't matter if its Sunni (as it often is) extremism or Shi'ite extremism (say Hezbollah or Sadr in Iraq) - what matters is that it's Islamic. Daniel Pipes nails it...
Read James's post and follow his links here.


  1. I found his post bizarre. Where are all the 'moderates' issuing fatwa against Osama bin Laden and condemning suicide bombing? All one must do is notice what the PLO and friends do to 'moderate' Palestinians who even *try* to work with Israelis...The reason there has been a lack of 'coming out' by 'moderates' is that they want to stay alive.They lack COURAGE. Go read Pat's site and get informed a bit more about Islam.

  2. I am with Ruth on this one. As I said at her site:

    "Pipes, whom I also like, I think is forced to toe the politically-correct line. I agree that he has blown it in this interview. The idea of jihad is central to Islam. The question, I think, becomes "What, exactly, are those Muslims who aren't militant, extremist, and terrorist practicing?" If they believe that Islam is the one and only true religion to the extent that they must heed the call of Mohammed of 14 centuries ago and convert the world at the point of a sword, then they are indeed a problem that must be dealt with immediately and as harshly as necessary. If they do not ascribe to the former, they are not practicing Islam, only paying lip service to a faith that they have had the misfortune in which to be born. If this be the case, then they should have no problem issuing fatwahs for reformation. Yesterday would have been a good time to start."


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