Thursday, 4 August 2005

Mallard and Smith: Odious and repellent

I'm gratified to see from the site poll to date that Nick Smith rates as odiously with others as he does with me.

It's not just his unprincipled bleating about the RMA and what he actually proposes to fix it, ie., nothing; it's that this is the same approach he takes to everything.

Take for example the forced training regime imposed on early childhood education teachers, first by Nick Smith when he was Minister, and thence ratcheted up further by Trevor Mallard when he took up the ministerial reins. I suggested when introduced this regime would be a disaster, and so they have been -- unless that is your aim was to limit choice, close down private centres, drive experienced teachers from the industry, and achieve complete state control over a once-independent sector.

If that was the aim, then the policy introduced by Smith and followed through by Mallard is a great success.

You can see why I'm pleased with the poll results so far. What a repellent pair.

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