Sunday, 14 August 2005

Libz on top

One of the most popular and always the most crowded billboard site in the Epsom electorate is at the Greenlane-Great South Road corner. Fortunately, Libertarianz contrive to come out on top, and Neanderton is deservedly down with the garbage. :-)

See if you can spot my leg amidst the falsework behind the signs. She's like a jungle back there, mate.


  1. Well that dispells all doubt.
    I thought Worth was stepping back for Hide, guess not. What's the story with that? I'd like to know.

  2. Hmm, not that I care, but I suspect that the council might have a bone to pick with a sign that high.

  3. Peter,

    I would recognise your legs anywhere – especially those shoes on the end of them. Don’t get offended … nice shoes! But most of all I would recognise your passion for what is right, your ability to call it just the way it is, and your commitment to fighting to free people from the shackles and oppression of big government, even though so many do not realise they are not free, or unfortunately, are pleased they are not. I also appreciate that to win freedom for yourself you have to take others along with you. All for one and one for all. You cannot win freedom for yourself as an individual, not in the society in which we live. Long, hard road Peter … but I know you are up to it. And Peter, I love your humour.

    It is interesting reading the comments on “Not PC”. You have a large contingent of ACT supporters; they are passionate, even to the point of occasionally being abusive when you attack their party or party members (or aaaaah! … their leader). You have every right to attack ACT and if it’s supporters did not wear such blinkers I am sure they would come to agree with the points you raise. Maybe in time, they will. ACT has done nothing .. NOTHING .. with the opportunity it had to promote the message of freedom … Absolutely bloody nothing! I once gave my party vote to ACT, then spent two and a half of the following three years regretting it. ACT gave false hopes to those of us who are passionate about the freedom of the individual. They ran their campaign on that ticket, then succumbed to – well, you tell me; I’m sure you will be able to phrase it better – not rocking the boat; saying (certainly in public) only that which would not offend; basing policy on poll results. In other words, they came out with crap.

    I will be sorry to see ACT depart the political scene. They, as a party, have individuals with great potential as politicians. I know, they already are politicians!?? But I mean the potential to be great politicians, if there are such beasts.

    I will not cast an electorate vote this year (you would understand this completely if you saw my choice) but I will be giving my party vote to LIBZ. People I speak to tell me I will be wasting my vote as LIBZ will not get into parliament. I disagree. People who voted ACT for the last few years have wasted their vote. They have been conned, fooled, duped. Their vote counted, ACT got into parliament – then –what a let-down.! Nothing! It may take years for LIBZ to gain traction; but what a force to be reckoned with when they do. No bull shit with LIBZ. What you see is what you get. It is now the only political party I trust. LIBZ is a REAL vote for freedom and the more votes cast in that direction the more likely it is that sitting politicians will take note. As I once heard Lindsay Perigo say “It matters not whether or not Libertarians get into parliament, just so long as our ideas do”. Amen to that! And what a pity ACT got into parliament but left their ideas at the Beehive door.

  4. Aaron; Why would that be? In any case, the sign is only about 2' over the Donny Brashco sign

  5. michael fasher15 Aug 2005, 18:48:00

    ive seen a few libz signs about and they seem to escaped vandalism while destiny parties placards right next to them have been trashed.seema like a great strstegy put your placards next to destiny party placards to draw the wrath of vandals

  6. It's actually quite funny - I'm sure it's the same people ranting about tolerance and diversity who trash the Destiny billboards.

    Voltaire, etc.


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