Sunday, 14 August 2005

Hangover food

Sunday morning coming down, as the song goes. What's the perfect Sunday morning hangover food for you?

For me, here's the top two contenders:
  • Scrambled eggs with hash browns and mushrooms, and whole wheat toast on the side -- Vogels is good; home made is best; spread with plenty of Vegemite (Marmite just doesn't work). The eggs should be free range with a minimum of milk in the mix, and fried in plenty of butter; well peppered works for me. Hot black coffee and orange juice to wash it down

    All the necessary hangover cures there in one hit, and timing the preparation of the feast itself helps to kick the brain back into life. The aim when eating is to ensure that the toast and eggs are finished simultaneously, an exercise that may be as much effort as the brain is capable of on some hazy Sundays.

  • Pancakes made with buttermilk, with bananas, cream and real maple syrup. I like to eat mine in a stack, with alternating toppings on each. Mmmm.
I feel better already. This morning's pancakes helped. :-)

1 comment:

  1. Scrambled eggs with lots of pepper and salsa and Tabasco sauce, extra-sour sourdough bread with plenty o' butter, and a big glass of grapefruit juice. Works every time.

    I dunno if you can get all of that in NZ, however.


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