Friday, 29 July 2005

Site poll results - Libz the winner on the day

My site poll to establish who reads this blog -- which is a poll that does really matter to me -- has now finished.
ACT 108 votes
Greens 55 votes
Labour 33 votes
Libertarianz 272 votes
Maori 7 votes
National 106 votes
Bigots 6 votes
None of the above 16 votes
With a total of 603 votes cast, I've established that I have 6 readers that are Bigots and 7 that are Maori Party supporters; as we have no Maori seats here at Not PC and both parties are under the 5% threshold, all bigots are out. I wish it were that easy. :-/

The Labour-Green coalition has 15%, with the Greens as senior partner with 9% support. Act and National have 18% each, meaning that at this site at least there will be other ACT MPs who will have the chance to deliver a valedictory speech one day. In real life however ...

Anyway, the undisputed winner, to nobody's surprise I'm sure, is the Libertarianz-None of the Above coalition with 48%, meaning they will still be needing a coalition partner. Perhaps one or two from the Press gallery could help out? ;-)

So, all that remains then is to give full credit to all the opposition, and to note that 'Not PC' was the winner on the day. Thanks to all those who took part, and I invite you all to participate in my 'Which is the Most Odious Parliamentarian' poll, up there shortly. :-)


  1. I felt your choice of the term Bigots was itself bigoted if by that you meant the Christian parties because 1) most of the Christian parties are not bigotted, 2) you left out of the category bigots parties like Labour, Greens, Maori, etc thereby implying that the Christian parties are more bigoted than parties like these.

  2. " I felt your choice of the term Bigots was itself bigoted..."

    Well there you go.

    "...if by that you meant the Christian parties..."

    Um, actually I don't spend a lot of time thinking about the Xian parties. I was thinking about Winston et al. :-)

  3. Libertarianz scored 3rd in a poll on The Rock radio station with 5% yesterday. Labour and National made up most of the percentage, and the other parties all together made up 7%


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