Friday, 29 July 2005

New Poll: Who is the most odious MP?

Based on the fact that people don't vote new governments in, but instead vote the last government out, I'm offering a new poll there on the sidebar to give us a guide to which of the present crop of power-lusters in parliament you find most repellent. For reasons perhaps obvious only to myself, I've excluded the party leaders from the poll.

Feel free to let me know your choice of 'Other' in the comments below.


  1. How could you possibly have left off Sue "ban Dihydrogen Monoxide" Kedgley?

  2. I'd have thought Sue is not so much odious, as just flat out dumb. :-)

  3. David Benson-Pope, the epitomy of things odious!

  4. DBP! Odious indeed! But is he important enough to notice? :-)

  5. How could you miss out Smarmy Maharey?

  6. It's so difficult to choose isn't it when there's 120 of them all so repellent! :-)

  7. Well, you did forget Winston First. But I don't really blame you for that. :)


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