Thursday, 7 July 2005

More liberty at the movies

Now for some more uplifting material. David Boaz has posted his personal list of his all-time favourite libertarian-themed movies here, to which I'd add at least three more: 'Braveheart,' 'Breaker Morant,' and the entire TV series of 'The Prisoner.' (Okay, it's not a movie, but it is fabulously libertarian.) Perhaps the most topical of all libertarian movies at present is 'The Castle,' although not everyone agrees. I hope the good people of Kelo have a chance to watch it before they're thrown our of their homes by order of the US Supreme Court.

And while talking liberty and movies, Crypticity has noticed a certain liberty-flavoured ad played before a recent screening of 'Hotel Rwanda.' See what he's talking about here, and see the ad for yourself here. Reports have it that said ad was pulled fom the Bridgeway Northcote after fielding a "number" of complaints. As my informant says, "I think I hear the ruffling of feathers." :-)


  1. More on Breaker Morant, please.

  2. Breaker Morant? Here's what I said about it a few years back.

    Breaker Morant (1980) sets Woodward in the Boer War, on court martial for killing prisoners of war.

    On trial for their lives, he and his fellow defendants (Bryan Brown and Lewis Fitzgerald) face being put to death to ‘protect the honour of the British Empire’; an Empire dismayed at the conditions of war forced upon Woodward and his men by the tactics of Boer guerrillas (a theme many American directors would explore less expertly in a slightly different context some years later). It is the story of honourable men adjusting themselves to meet the imminent twentieth century collapse of values, only to find themselves buried by the stodgily conservative values of nineteenth century colonial satraps.

    Woodward’s character shines, resolute in his certainty that the Boer prisoners were shot "under rule 303!" and deserved everything they got, but disturbed about what that decision has done to his own humanity.

    A little known masterpiece.

  3. There's going to be a remake for the new decade.

    George Bush Jr & John Howard, as Lord Kitchener

    Australia, as Germany

    David Hicks, as Morant

    Book now at tickertec

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