Thursday, 8 November 2007

First Heat

'First Heat,' by Brian Larsen. One of the few great works of art celebrating industry. A pour of steel is called a 'heat' -- this "first heat" is the first pour of the protagonist's new steel, from the mind's eye to steel ladle in the white heat of industry.


  1. How wonderfully politically incorrect. Health and Safety would have a field day with this.

  2. One of my favourite artists is Terrance Cueno who painted many pictures on a similar theme.

    Some of his best known works are of the Ford tractor production line in Dagenham.


  3. I love Larsen's work - better than Newberry's according to my taste. It's very expensive though.

  4. It reminds me of the scene in Atlas Shrugged when Hank Rearden is watching the first order of Rearden Metal get produced.

  5. Oh it is Hank Rearden. How beautiful.


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