Thursday, 7 July 2005

Bastards bomb the west again!

The brutality in London is a continuation of the war against civilisation that was declared with the 9/11 attacks. Unable to write coherently, and still unclear who exactly commited this atrocity, I'll post fragments of the response I wrote then to try and make sense of that earlier attack, until it's possible to make sense of this one:

But whoever committed this outrage, and whatever they claim to stand for, it is clear enough what they are against: As former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak said soon after the disaster, this was an attack against civilisation itself...

What caused this was an act of piracy by everything that slithers against everything that stands - or stood - erect; by the very lowest, against the very highest that civilisation has to offer. And, as in the days of piracy on the high seas, this modern savagery must be stamped out by a fierce uncompromising commitment to the protection and sanctity of innocent human lives.

Civilisation has today been attacked by savages armed only with carpet knives, and it must learn how to defend itself against such an enemy. It has not yet armed itself with the weapons to do so - either philosophically, or militarily. Unfortunately, it must...

Civilisation is under threat, and each of us must ask ourselves: where do I stand with respect to the values that underpin civilisation, and that civilisation represents? What have I done to support those values - or to smear them? What have I done to uphold those values, or to spit on them?

As SOLO contributor Bill Grazier said: "Although those bastards can kill our citizens, they'll never kill the human spirit, never extinguish joy or love or friendship... as long as we maintain our strength and dignity, then these bastards will never defeat us."


  1. Scumbag terrorists. They don't do it because they think we've wronged them, they do it because they are jealous of our success and loath or freedom to live our lives.

    It turns my stomach whenever I hear of some moron who empathises with the filth that commits these atrocities, but no doubt we'll hear it all before long; we have all the money, we take all the oil, we don't praise allah.

  2. Of course, Helen say's "we live in a benign strategic environment", so this sort of thing couldn't happen here.

    Nice Tui Ad.

    Yeah, Right.


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