Thursday, 23 June 2005

Teaching honesty

I don't like government employees teaching children about things like honesty and other virtues they would know nothing about, which is why libertarians oppose this 'values-based' teaching programme, and are and in favour instead of a separation of school and state.

Do you think for example the progamme-makers would value this young girl's honesty:
Seems there was this insurance salesman that was being annoyingly aggressive in his approach. My friend had mentioned several times within earshot of his daughter that he didn't particularly like this guy. One day, the guy shows up, rings the bell, and the daughter answers the door. Recognizing the salesman, she says, "Go away, my daddy doesn't like you." Upon which the salesman says, "Oh, really, little girl, you don't mean that." And my friend, who had since come up behind his daughter, said, "Oh yes she does. She heard it from me.
They'd probably complain about her hurting the salesman's feelings.

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