Monday, 27 June 2005

'Sheesh' to single-sex schools

If you've forgotten why no-one voted for Billy-Boy English last election, let National Party hack David Farrar remind you this morning. David has looked over the weekend's weekend's exciting National Party conference for you and pulled down the highlights, which this morning is this: Billy-Boy has looked at the wreck that is the state's education system (much of it the work of his own colleagues) and decided the solution is ... the establishment of "more single-sex schools."

Bill English: going straight to the heart of irrelevance. 'And he had graphs and everything,' splutters an impressed DPF. Sheesh.


  1. Not a word about NCEA.

    Parental responsibility? Vouchers? Even a small step to move education away from the government?

  2. I wrote a piece on my blog about it. Really stupid idea. I expected better now that Brash is the leader.


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