Wednesday, 29 June 2005

PC on bFM Wire tomorrow

I'll be appearing on tomorrow's Wire on bFM to discuss the 'Live-8' phenomenon' that I discussed here yesterday. Listen up either on 95FM in Auckland, or use this live stream here at about 12:50pm.


  1. Clear and concise interview! And a libertarian DJ it seems.

  2. Good interview Peter. :)

    Here is an MP3 of the interview:

    I missed the first few seconds where Simon introduced PC as a blogger etc.

    It's currently a 12MB file, but I am in the process of transcoding it to a lower bitrate, so I'll replace it with a smaller version soon.

  3. I have transcoded the file to 48Kbps and it's now 4.6MB big. It's still here:

  4. I very much enjoyed that also, thanks Peter.

    And as to being a Libertarian, that may be stretching it, and I technically have no political bias...........


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