Thursday, 9 June 2005

Hubbard: Do as we say, not as we do

As NZ Pundit and others have pointed out, “It's become obvious that Auckland Mayor Dick Hubbard's style police don't believe in property rights, but it now seems they don't believe in privacy either.”

Rules to ban the construction of new 2m-high solid masonry or stucco fences in Auckland City’s Residential 2 zone have been defended by Council heritage manager George Farrant, who said "the reason for reducing heights was to allow people to look at homes in the character zone.”

Very well then here’s one to look at: Mother Hubbard’s home in the Res 2 part of Epsom, with a vista to the east across to Mt Hobson. Perhaps appropriately, a ‘Stop’ sign greets Dick every morning when he eats his breakfast cereal and looks out at the sunrise.

The new motto of Auckland City Council, then:


  1. Breathtaking hypocrisy. And perhaps the gazump of the month - although Hubbard will be fuming over his "lack of privacy" !

  2. Ewww... So Ol' Mutha Hubbard isn't only a hypocrite, but a hypocrite with all the taste of week-old tofu. Why doesn't that surprise me?

  3. Craig - the moment you clapped eyes on his neckties, it should have been a sign as to the mans taste.

  4. PC -

    I haven't thanked you for the aesthetic trauma you must have suffered. The latest upgrade to MT means I'm having problems uploading the pics to NZPundit, but I've provided a link and effusive compliments. :)

    BTW, I've been reading a long article about Jean Utzon and the Sydney Opera House farce. I thought his refusal to ever set foot in Australia was a case of diva psychosis - was I ever wrong.

    It becomes even more depressing when you compare and contrast Circular Quay with Aotea Square. At least Utzon went down fighting; in Auckland visionaries and innovators don't have a shit show, it seems.

  5. Just because YOU cannot afford a heritage home doesn't mean you can diss those of us who can. I totally support this - and the move to protect heritage villas - look what happened to His Majesty's Theatre - a hole in the ground. I used the 2m fence law to stop my neighbour putting a fence/hedge on my boundary that would block the sun to my garden. So you and your abstract objections can go hang.

  6. I define "abstract objections" as some local body politician looking at my property and deciding what I can and cannot do with it based on his or her visual enjoyment. If they live next door and want sunlight on their garden, then they are justified in having a say, but otherwise they can sod off - it's my property, not theirs.


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