Wednesday, 22 June 2005

How not to manage a team

Here's how not to manage a team: One week before a big test match, tell your squad of 48 that the twenty-five names you're about to read out a) will be playing in Invercargill on a cold Tuesday night, b) have absolutely no show of being in the test. A kick in the guts for the players? Sure looked like that from the way they played last night down there in 'Chernobyl.'

I sure hope Clive's got something going on behind those big red fences around his training grounds and his number one team does make a competitive showing on Saturday, because at present they're making heavy weather of beating NPC teams who've had barely a full game under their belts. It's great if the All Blacks spank them, but a competitive series is what we're after, right?

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