Tuesday, 14 June 2005

Hell of an apology

The vote to send a politician to Hell has been 'apologised' for by Hell Pizza whose competition it is.

Hell Pizza is offering a free boogie board and a "holiday that could last a lifetime" to Bali to one lucky person who enters a poll asking which politicians should be "sent to Hell" for their sins.
The winner also gets "an extra $500 ... if they get a photo of themselves with Schapelle Corby."

has apparently prompted wowser Australians to complain, to whom Hell Pizza have offered an apology. Sort of. "In the art of reciprocation," they say the Hell Pizza MD will only apologise if the Australian government themselves apologises for a list of things including:
  • Fosters and XXXX
  • Ignoring the refugee kids chucked over boats off the coast of oz
  • Big Brother and all other car crash tv
  • Hunting aborigines up until the 1970s
  • Apologise to the stolen generation (54% of ozzies already think the govt should)
  • Claiming Neil Finn and Phar Lap
  • The govt allowing British scientists to test nuclear weapons on aboriginal land in the 1950s - land marked "uninhabited".
  • Pauline Hanson.
  • All the immigrants to oz wrongfully locked up in detention centres
  • The angry Australian actor beating up on poor hotel workers
  • Australian Idol
  • The underarm bowl......
An Australian has not yet been found to comment on the sin of taking umbrage.

1 comment:

  1. I don't know about you, but Hell has now become the preferred supplier of artery-clogging, death-dealing pizza in our house. :)


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