Wednesday, 29 June 2005

The Future in Our Hands

Photo by Brett Holverstott of Stuart Mark Feldman's sculpture group, The Future In Our Hands. Review of the landmark sculpture by Michael Newberry here. "It is a brilliant achievement," says Newberry, "not only in the sense that it is a realization of the artist's ecstatic vision, but it also holds the exalted place of being an innovative work in the history of art."
[Hat tip once again to Stephen Hicks.]


  1. Very sensual, for one thing. I wonder if I'd be disappointed by it in real life- to have a view from the other side.

    Keep 'em commin' squire.

  2. Oh, look at this you pervert, go fetch your kleenex :-)

  3. Hmm way ahead of me Mr Thomsen. Guess they don't call it 'horny Hamilton' on The Rock for nothing.

    It measures up! And furthermore there are about 5 of them in a circle- this art's a whole 'nother animal for that.

    Probably intentional, or it might be that the subject kept squirming about in his mother's arms. ;)


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