Monday, 23 May 2005

What Class are you?

'Do New Zealanders give a monkeys about class?' asks this week's Listener. What do you think -- and do you give a toss?

Are the Browntable the new aristocracy? Or is it Heather Simpson and her colleagues? Are ACT people just Nats without the breeding? Is John Key the new John Banks? Is class temporary and form permanent, as rugby commentators tell us? Is egalitarianism a good thing, as sociologists tell us?

And does 'The Listener' have a stick up its arse and a need for a cover story? (Here's the results of their 'research.')

While you're deciding whether you even care, find out if you're a snob by using some Brit telly show's Snob-o-Meter here, or how much of one you are. Apparently I'm a 46% snob. There you go. It has about as much science about it as the Listener's research.

Roll on the meritocracy.


  1. Yes there is a class structure, and yes I do care.

    However, the virtues of the class strata are still a mixed bag- as encapsulated in a Frank Sinatra song.


    She wont dish the dirt with the rest of the broads; That's why the lady is a tramp

  2. Yep, thats a good line. Reminds me of Paris Hilton...


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