Monday, 23 May 2005

"Frantic" soccer fans turn down bikinis

Now I find this funny: Soccer fans who'd stayed up until the early hours of Sunday morning to watch the FA Cup Final were apparently upset that after neither team scoring a goal for what would have seemed like three hours or so, Sky TV turned the game off and put on the next scheduled programme, Sports Illustrated's '2005 Swimwear at Play.'

A reasonable decison I would have thought -- bikini-clad lovelies rather than grown men complaining to the ref as they roll arond the pitch clutching their body parts-- but crikey, I bet they could hear the whining in Wembley*. Fans were "frantic" says the Herald. Poor lambs.

Yes, I'm aware Wembley Stadium is being rebuilt and the game was in Cardiff. But Cardiff doesn't alliterate with whining. Does it.


  1. So, you stiff Cardiff in favour of Wembley whining.

    Fair enough.

  2. Zen, you said: " So, you stiff Cardiff in favour of Wembley whining."

    I believe the FA has the same idea for next year. :-)


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