Monday, 9 May 2005

Successful campaigning techniques, Part 1

Libertarianz Tim Wikiriwhi tries out two different campaigning techniques at the Tauranga Home Show this weekend.
Robin Thomsen and Russell Watkins try another. Which do you think will prove more successful? Please feel free to suggest (polite) captions. :^)


  1. Aaron Bhatnagar's Mate9 May 2005, 15:01:00

    how about:

    "How to waste your time campaigning for a party that will never get into parliament"

  2. Better surely than campaigning for a party who very shortly will never be in Parliament again. ;-)

    0.8% in the Herald poll. Oh dear.

    Would you like to stop all the childishness now, Anonymous?

  3. Tim is great in front of the camera, but his timings stink when he gets behind it. The photo at the bottom was taken just after we'd signed up a couple of new Libz.

  4. Aaron Bhatnagar's Pal10 May 2005, 09:13:00

    I don't campaign for the act party and nor have I voted for them before. I'll vote for Aaron Bhatnagar any day of the year. Mark my words, Aaron will make it as an MP one day. That, or as community board member again. One of them at least, and lord knows both positions hold great responsibility and respect from the public

  5. Well good for you, Aaron's mate. I'm sure Aaron's a lucky man to have you as a wannabe-confidante.
    Do you want to talk about something relevant now?

  6. Aaron Bhatnagar's Chum10 May 2005, 10:10:00

    well perhaps. one thing that I have been pondering about the libertarianz is the new logo. the website is good - particularly like / dislike the tax calculator to see how aunt helen has been spending my hard earned dosh. But why pray tell, is the statue of liberty in the logo, after all, it is a major new zealand icon


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