Sunday, 8 May 2005

New! Tax calculator

As we get closer and closer to Budget Day, as new taxes are added by the day, and as this thieving Government boasts anew of having stolen $8 billion too much this year, you might like to visit this simple 'Pillage' calculator to see how much of you hard-earned wedge is stolen each year in Income Tax alone just to keep Helen Clark's election bribes afloat.

Just remember once you see the total pillaged that the calculator calculates your Income Tax only; depending on your investments and chosen lifestyle, your other taxes both central and local- excise taxes and Development Levies and rates and Government Slavery Tax and the like - will approximately double that figure.

Once you've done your final calc you might just about need a drink, at $38.4 per litre for a whiskey, plus Slavery Tax. Or a smoke, at 24c per cig, plus Grab Snatch and Take. If, that is, you can afford to pay the excise.


  1. Very good - but I believe there is one small thing missing from the program. I understand that in NZ there is a maximum of $1 million any individual has to pay in (income) tax in any one tax year. Is this right?

  2. Erm you'd be hard pressed to find anyone earning enough to pay $1mil in income tax.

  3. I wrote the code behind the Tax Calculator (plug plug), & never saw mention of an upper cutoff on the IRD page regarding PAYE calculation.

  4. Maybe it's an urban myth, then, but having said that I heard it from a fairly reliable source, so I'm intrigued. If I find out I will post again.

  5. Nicely done Duncan.

    I think you could get a lot more impact if you also threw in some estimates for taxes from other sources: GST, Petrol and Rates would add up to a sizable amount.

    One more category for "interest", which is not a tax, but the rate of interest is set by the RBNZ.

    Take away interest from the Car Loan, Home Loan and credit cards, and the disposable income for personal enrichment, savings and investments would be very low.

    Perhaps keep it seperate from the base calculations because it is only an estimate, but worth the shock value.

    We might be shocked that we pay so much for so little.

    We might be shocked that the government considers "rich" $38000 per annum. That's why they raise the tax rate at that point.

    They might also be shocked that a family with 2 workers on $60000 each pays $9000 or so less than a family with one wage earner on $120,000. That's what working for Families is about isn't it?


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