Tuesday, 10 May 2005

New candidates' website; new libertarian blogger

A new libertarian blogger for you this morning, young Matthew Humphries from England who's called his blog imaginatively MH. Lucky his surname isn't 'Faber', eh?

And I've got a piece of paper around here about another new libertarian blogger, but as I can't put my finger on it at the moment I'll have to promise to tell you about it later on. I can tell you about a website just up and running that aims to have bios and details about every candidate in the forthcoming election, and whose webmaster Richard Goode will be working with No Right Turn to collate Idiot/Savant's candidate surveys and get them online. Read news about that project here, and see where I got this news from.


  1. >> Lucky his surname isn't 'Faber', eh?

    Sorry, I don't get it.

  2. If his surname were Faber, his initials (and hence the title of his blog) would be MF.

    It wasn't that clever to start with, so you weren't missing much Jonathan.

    PC, what would you suggest for his blog name? Not-MH? ;-)

  3. >> If his surname were Faber, his initials (and hence the title of his blog) would be MF.

    I realised that. But I still don't get it! What is funny about 'MF'?!

  4. A bit too cryptic? Anthony Burgess wrote a whole book as an Oedipal pun. The eponymous character was called Miles Faber, and the title MF. :-)


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