Saturday, 14 May 2005

Most annoying (NZ) blogger?

About Town have a poll to pick the most annoying NZ blogger. I feel chastened to have made the list. Spellings of names have apparently been changed to protect the innocent. :-P


  1. Heh - I'm leading - I am absolutely stoked to think that I llive in their heads rent-free.

    Incidentally, I suspect that the reason for the poor spelling is the infrequent posting at night when they are "tired and emotional", as the Yes Minister euphemism goes.

  2. Don't worry, Aaron, I didn't vote for you. Sometimes I wish we put our own names up there...

  3. To be annoying you must have an impact.

    And that explains why no one on the right has put up a poll about the most annoying left blogger.

  4. *cymbal crash* Nice one, Berend.

  5. I would have thought it would go to one of those rightwing bloggers that rant and rave with no direction at all. Oh wait, it is.

  6. Of course, it's always amusing to note that if our blogs are so distateful and meaningless, why do you read them? The mere fact that you and the others click onto our sites suggests a sort of political masochism!

  7. Why the hell would you have a blog if you're not annoying anybody? Winning would be a mark of honour.

  8. 'Anonymous' said: " Why the hell would you have a blog if you're not annoying anybody?"

    There is an old 'Gnomes of Zurich' saying about money worries: Worry is a sign of health; if you're not worried then you're not risking enough.

    Perhaps there should be a similar one about blogging? :-)


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