Tuesday, 10 May 2005

Good news from Iraq

If you're wondering what's been happening in Iraq recently, then you're in luck. Aussie blogger Arthur Chrenkoff has used a 'Thank You' letter from Iraq's new president, Jalal Talabani, to Tony Blair in order to sum up the good news from Iraq emerging over the last two weeks, most of which you won't have heard about from your favourite MSM sources or anti-war sites.

Read the litany of successes here.
[Hat-tip Robert Bidinotto]


  1. I wonder what is libertarianz view/opinion about this war. If they have any.

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  3. I'll try that again:

    Well, here's my opinion from a few days ago. What about yours, Sid? :-)

  4. I don't have strong opinion on this since I don't think I know enough. I have a feeling that there are more to it than just good vs evil. More to it than just preemptive strike for defence.

    I think the coalition somehow owe people of iraqi an apology (excluding Saddam ofcourse, what an evil creature, but I still wonder how he gained his power).

    If I accuse you of having a dangerous substance. Then I gather some people to siege your house, beat you up, and in the process, some people that I brought with me somehow abused people in your house hold, turn your house up side down, and in the end I can't find the substance (the reason I traumatise you and your household). Then the least I can do is apologise and pay the damage.

    May be they already did? I don't think I know even 1% of the whole story.


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