Thursday, 19 May 2005

Freedom for working parents

Listen for me today on bFM's lunch-time show 'The Wire' with Simon Pound, talking about The Budget from about 1pm. (Out-of-Aucklanders can listen here.)We might be talking about Cullen's election-year budget, in which he's suggesting you might get back just a little of your own money; we might talk too about this budget, which explains how you can get a lot of your own money back; and I might well mention this here protest action outside parliament today, protesting at the scale of theft to be announced by Cullen today .

Amongst the measures already signalled by Cullen here is an "extra $55 million over the next four years in childcare and employer support initiatives to enhance the work choices available to parents." Is this a good thing? Just reflect that at present tax rates, with goverment spending well over 40% of the country's income, then for each average couple of working parents one of them is going out to work just to pay the tax bill. Not good is it.

Just think what a difference it would make to working parents if, instead of more welfare the theft were stopped , or at least savagely decreased.


  1. The bfm interview was a cracker! There's an electorate with your name on it.


    In the name of family values, we must say, whose family?

    Very nice. That's a keeper.

  2. Thanks Rick.

    'You can't do this and you can't do that and you can't smoke this and you can't snort that ...' -- as Uncle Lou says, 'these people have been to bed with their parents.'

    I look forward to hearing how this Budget Day protest has got on outside Parliament.

  3. Hi PC, Just letting you know that your BFM interview came in loud and clear over here in Londontown. 2am wasn't the best time for us but I certainly didn't regret the late night. Enjoyed the interview :-). Julian

  4. Hey thanks Julian. Glad it cam through loud, and clear. It was fun to do.

    BTW, I think I still owe you an email. :-)

    Enjoy that London summer.



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