Thursday, 12 May 2005

Carnival of the Capitalists

The Carnival of the Capitalists (COTC) can now be found here. COTC is a weekly moveable feast celebrating the best of the capitalist blog each week.

While talking Capitalism, two new books this week from the Mises Institute that students wanting to foment intelligent revolution need to have (see below), and a celebration here of the "250th anniversary of the discovery of economics" - and you thought Adam Smith was the man, didn't you?

And just so you know, books by economist Ludwig von Mises are online here, and George Reisman's magnum opus Capitalism is online here.

The two new books are The Concise Guide to Economics by Jim Cox, substantial portions of which are online, and The Rationale of Central Banking and the Free Banking Alternative by Vera Smith, described as "a very important work on the rise of central banking, one that proves that it was driven by politics and the supposed needs of the state...
A central bank, she shows, is founded with the aid, either direct or indirect, of government, and is able to fall back on the government for protection from the consequences of its acts. Its profits are privatized and its losses socialized.
Lots of good stuff there. Perhaps you could buy copies for Michael Cullen and Alan Bollard. They could clearly do with some economic clues.

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