Thursday, 7 April 2005

When is a Recording Device not a Recording Device?

When is a recording device not a recording device? According to John Tamihere, when it looks like a phone.

What was on that table at Selak's Winery, a dictaphone or a mobile phone? Mr Conspiracy Ian Wishart will be on Leighton Smith's show later this morning to show off the device he claims to have used for the Tamihere interview. Unfortunately, the power of radio won't allow you to see what it is he is holding, but you can listen in here if you missed the show and his answers to listeners' questions.

If you want to judge for yourself the quality of the recording device and to hear JT's comments in the raw, Mr Conspiracy has put an MP3 excerpt up on his site.

UPDATE: If you're visiting Newstalk ZB's site to listen to Leighton Smith's interview with Mr Conspiracy, the relevant time period is roughly from 10:10am to 11:30am.

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