Tuesday, 26 April 2005

Turn off that telly

If you're sick of having televisions playing in your favourite bar or cafe when the sport isn't on, or you agree with architect Frank Lloyd Wright that television is just chewing gum for the eyes, then you might have already heard about a new device called the TVB-Gone which allows you to switch off errant idiot boxes within a seven-metre range, and the advent this week of Television Turnoff Week.

British group White Dot will happily sell you the TVB-Gone, a small device you can apparently attach to your key ring - story here. US group TV-Turnoff may not have such a device, but they do at least offer plenty of arguments to turn off the box and get yourself a life.

New Zealand does not appear to have amy similar groups, or at least none with any decent sense of humour. We do however have the two public broadcasting channels, which between them effectively constitute their own TV-Turnoff campaign ...


  1. Wouldn't that be an infringement on the property right of whoever owned the television set? How does that work in with your libertarian values???

  2. Ah, there you go, you've got me. Although in fairness, I haven't yet bought myself a TVB-Gone. And I wouldn't of course use it when our Popular and Competent Leader or one of her ministers (even the smarmy one) was making an appearance by popular demand on our glorious State TV channels. Or when Reality TV shows were on.


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