Saturday, 23 April 2005

Libz Conference,1: The President speaks

Not PC is reporting today from the Libertarianz Party conferencein Auckland.

Pres Scott Wilson began the morning. Scott ran through the many supremely competent office holders now running the party – professional, accountable, and committed – stronger now than at any time in our history – 14 electorate camndidates already confirmed; 30 list candidates to be confirmed.

Same electoral funding as CHP, Destiny and Alliance, because of similar polling, and our excellent council election results.

One minute on TV1 at prime time gives every person in the country the chance to get our message.

So why do we bother? The Greens and ALCP are interested in issues of personal freedom. ACT is well-funded; Rodney is moderately libertarian; so why not just join them and radicalise them? We are an open party, we have members from all parties in Libz. But all parties change policies regularly.

I’ll take just three ACT policies at random to explain their problem:

DRUGS. At best they’re silent, at worst they want to lock up all drug users. The liberal party!

CIVIL UNIONS: They won’t confront that marriage should be liberalised, that the state should simply recognise people’s choice. They’re just conservatives, when even Catholic Spain allows gay marriage.

PROSTITUTION: They were against two adults being allowed to make choices for themselves.

Where they fail is they don’t believe in personal and social freedom. We believe you own your bank account, your life and your body. ACT agree with the first. They don ‘t even understand the second. [And they have no idea what to do about the disaster that is the RMA, Ed.]

We are not going to criminalise drug users. We will not be offering to lock them up. The ‘liberal party’ does!

The ALCP are dead in the water. And look what the Greens have done to their one member standing up for personal freedom! So much for their commitment for personal freedom.

We’re not a personality cult, as some entities have claimed, we are a serious party committed to getting Nanny government off your back, out of your pocket, and our of your life.

This election we are going to get that message across in spades.

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