Tuesday, 26 April 2005

Liberty is the breath of progress

New Freeland - something to be getting on with.
Courtesy The Free Radical magazine.


  1. Just one question - how long is the 'foreseeable future' during which we'd have to put up with compulsory taxation? I like the billing idea though, much fairer than tax as a proportion of income.

  2. According to recent Libz budgets (2005 is being prepared as we speak) the foreseeable future would be five to seven years, ie., the time necessary to effect the transition, and to make provision for those for whom an annuity is to be provided. (Those budgets were online at The Free Radical site, but recent webmasters seem to have removed them I'm afraid.)

  3. See for example 'This is a Superb Budget!' http://www.libertarianz.org.nz/?libzpr=137


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