Sunday, 17 April 2005

Denouement, by Michael Newberry

Denouement, by Michael Newberry


  1. Lovely painting.
    Interesting blog.

    I personally find that
    reading across two
    different backgrounds
    is very distracting, though.
    Perhaps if the text were moved
    over to the right...?

  2. Michael's paintings are so full of spirit, aren't they?

    And that's interesting about teh tway you're seeing the text? What Browser are you using Jeff?

  3. It's fine now. Don't know what happened.
    (I use Maxthon, but I double-checked using I.E. .. fine now.)
    Apparently the links section, in blue to the left, wasn't showing up and was being replaced by the left part of the text.
    Sorry for the worry ...


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