Saturday, 9 April 2005

Blogging flogging?

Following further best wishes for my new blog from Russell Brown, Alastair Thompson from Scoop and more good folk at SOLOHQ, I'm even more impressed with the benevolence of bloggers than I was on Thursday. (And people are thundering through this site: as I type this, the 1230th visitor has just logged on here in the three days it's been running. Thanks everyone. [bows])

Icehawk concurs that NZ bloggers are very collegial, but he worries that means there a lack of real engagement between them. Is he right that there is no real exchange of ideas betwen bloggers? Perhaps. Idiot-Savant says he's had good exchanges with other bloggers, but he points the finger at time being the problem limiting such forays.

Are bloggers just too busy keeping their blogs fresh to really engage each other? Or (as Icehawk suggests) do they fear losing the goodwill of their colleagues, and fear being flogged in an argument?

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