Friday, 8 April 2005


Just the sort of image for this time of a Friday. (Just before thoughts turn to things of a more, ah, liquid kind.)


  1. Bierstadt, isn't it? Reminds me I need to do one of those nice biggies again - perhaps something like this but with more humanity in it.....

    BTW - you've a nice site here, even if it is way on the other side of the world...:)

  2. That's a great picture. It makes me want to leave the city and enjoy the simple pleasure of pooping in a lake.

  3. Bierstadt it is, Robert. I was thinking that the lack of humanity helped wth that Friday afternoon feeling. :-)

    If you can knock off a landscape as good as this one and there was any justice, there would be a queue around the globe for it!

    Thanks for your compliments, guys, although Matthews clearly shows a predilection for sweet and sour. :-/


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