Thursday, 7 January 2021

"Until a few months ago, American elections were the model for the world..."

"Until a few months ago, American elections were the model for the world: fair, transparent and the results implemented. That reputation was undermined tonight, when armed protestors targeted elected representatives and tried to stop the ‘sacred ritual’, as it was described by President-elect Joe Biden, of confirming the election result.
    "That we are witnessing such scenes speaks to the extent that President Trump has degraded his office – and our politics. And I write this as a lifelong Republican..."
        ~ Kate Andrews, from 'An attack on the principles that define[d] America'


  1. But, but, Biden is a democrat...

  2. Hmmm... so it wasn’t undermined by the widespread evidence of election fraud, but rather by some activists entering a building. Activists that appear to have communist sympathies. The whole thing stinks of a setup.

  3. This writing reeks of rats jumping from a sinking ship. Tribal? Maybe but what do you do in a two party system.

    1. You categorically reject the party that just attempted a half-baked putsch.


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