Tuesday, 12 January 2021

A reminder about free speech ...

A reminder...

For example...
"You don’t have a right to a Twitter account. Nobody does. It’s private property. To say you have a right to a Twitter account is like saying you have a right to go into your neighbour’s house & write on the living room walls." ~ Tim Sandefur

And ...

"1. Someone refuses to publish your words.
 2. The government makes it illegal for you to speak.
These are not the same thing. They should never be described by the same words such as 'thought suppression'."
~ Keith Weiner
    "The right to speech is based on the right to property. No one has a right to another's property. Private property is not government." ~ Louise LaMontagne

    [Hat tip Ayn Rand Centre UK


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    1. So the baker (aside from scale, monopoly considerations, and anti trust issues) situation would have to be more like:

      The gay couple hired the baker, paid the baker, and then on the day of the wedding the baker refused to deliver the cake. The baker, however, delivered a lot of cakes to your ex-boyfriends wedding on the same day. And then the baker announced you were dangerous.


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