Monday, 30 November 2020

"I am a rational animal."


"They offer me their truth vs my truth; instead I choose objective truth.
    "They offer me their whim vs my whim; instead I choose reason.
    "They offer me black vs white, male vs female, young vs old, straight vs gay, instead I choose individualism.
    "They offer a sacrifice of myself to others vs a sacrifice of others to myself; instead I choose non-sacrificial trade.
    "They offer me anarchy vs totalitarianism; instead I choose freedom.
    "They offer me socialism vs fascism, instead I choose free-market capitalism.
    "They offer me conservative vs liberal; instead I choose individual rights with government limited to protecting them.
    "They offer false alternative after false alternative; but I think in objectively defined fundamental principles.
    "I am a rational animal."
          ~ Mark Conway Munro


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  1. What we're up against is a real live functional (if, only as a parasite) culture with a developed epistemology of its own.

    An institution is defined by not by the nature of what it is but by the political identity of those involved. It’s not what you think but who you are that defines reality.

    That's the mainstream at the moment. Instead of recognising that and challenging it as a perspective in its own right we're all just talking past each other. Can only end in violence.


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