Wednesday, 18 November 2020

#Gridlock! #Winning!

"Joe Biden's main job will be to sit in the Oval Office and act like a responsible 
adult. If he manages to accomplish this even half the time, it will be an improvement.

"For NeverTrump, this is not the end—but it’s a great beginning. "I was a small-government Never Trumper. I regarded Donald Trump as unfit for office and wanted him out, but I didn’t want to sign on for the full Democratic party agenda. 
    "Which means that I’m part of a small sliver of [America] who got precisely what we wanted from this election: a victory for Joe Biden, but a narrow one that didn’t extend down the ballot and will almost certainly leave him without a Democratic Senate majority to work with. 
    "Finally, 2020 paid out for someone." 
          ~ Robert Tracinski, from his post '#NeverTrump #Winning'


  1. .. and now weaklings in New Zealand, who have not the guts to fight communism in your own country >>
    Somewhere near 65 million voters in America know at last what is going on.
    Oh that's right you don't know do you? Well Nearly a million fake votes for Biden in Sates WI, MI, PN and GA were dumped in early morning Eastern time 4th Nobember ... and the Right knows about it. Welll no one expects the castrates posing as men in NZ to do anything about the New Corporate Communism, just thought I would tell you..


  3. That was short-sighted. The Dems now have control of the Senate, House and Executive Branch and will use that to try and push through their leftist agenda. Statehood for Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico will be on the list.

    1. Well, certainly a little premature.
      Who would have thought that in such a short time the Trumpeter-in-Chief could have brought have brought such ignominy on his party as to make their candidates almost unelectable.
      So without gridlock, as I'd hoped, we'll have to reap the results of his whirlwind.


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