Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Q: What is 'fiscal child abuse'? #QotD

"Deficit spending, funded by borrowing, will have implications for the youngest in society. An unbalanced budget has to be funded, and if this is funded by additional borrowing, then future generations will bear the burden of paying off the debt. This is 'fiscal child abuse'...” 
    “A responsible political party and government would, at the very least, balance the budget ... Instead, [they] fund a series of deficits by borrowing, thereby mortgaging the lives of future generations."
          ~ Julian Darby, from his 2009 press release 'Say "No!" to Fiscal Child Abuse'


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  1. But there is more. The difference between a socialist State which you have now, and a Communist tyrannical State has been about ten years. Check Russia from about 1920, after the second revolution and China from say 1947. Laugh away here and now, and attempt to escape your farm in a few years with anger and fury. One of the lesser known facts about Europe in the 1930's is how many Jewish people escaped after warning others to do likewise. .


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