Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Economic collapse + pandemic + stimulus = .... what? [updated]

What happens when pandemic meets the spectacular economic bust that's already baked in: the bursting of the 'everything bubble,' and with it the retinue of interventionist cure-alls and stimulunacy that's already being promised.

How to analyse this mega-collapse and the busybody economic response?
With the stock market now crashing and many people facing unemployment in the wake of the ongoing pandemic, governments are reacting with a variety of measures allegedly aimed at stabilising the markets and promoting economic security. 
What effects will these measures have on the economy? 
Will they address the root causes of the crash--or might they aggravate the situation?
Market analysts Rob Tarr and Yaron Brook analyse it from an Austrian outlook. Good listening. Well worth putting aside two hours otto take it in.

UPDATE: And yes, as well as the video, they do have a soundcloud:


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