Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Do all global warming skeptics think the same?

Do all global warming skeptics think the same? Evidently not ...

The 'panel' is a great quickfire format. 

I don't know about you, but I'm backing Alex in this one, who makes some excellent points on the ethics involved:
I was asked to participate in a panel of “climate change skeptics” on the popular YouTube channel Jubilee [says Alex]. I thought they did a fair job representing the viewpoints there, though I wish they had invited more specialists on the topic.
    One promising phenomenon I noticed during the taping (and in the video) was that many of the other participants adopted my pro-human perspective on the issue.
    While many of the comments on the video are negative, there are some good pro-human responses such as these:

Comment 1: these people are not “pro human” they are pro humans with money, pro humans that live in a country that has clean water, pro fortunate humans … they are pro america.
Pro-human response: There’s nothing wrong with being pro human. Do you really think that animals, let’s say a tiger is pro human. No it will attack you if your in it’s habitat. At the end of the day we are animals and we need to look out for our species.
Comment 2: Alex* claims that our generation has the best growing environment
literally, the past generation had things much easier, less pricey college fees, cheaper houses pretty much everything
Pro-human response: We do have the best environment today, globally and locally.
Also, yes college is more expensive because of government subsided student loan and housing is more expensive in some places because of the Fed and local zoning laws and restriction of building but almost all the greens support those policies as well. This is just an example of the collapse of the mixed economy.
That being said, you can’t tell me you would choose to go back to the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s instead of being alive today.
Comment 3: “I care about the environment”
Fossil fuel advocate: “Nope”.
* Pretends to be shocked *
Pro-human response: He cares about the environment for human beings. If you care about untouched nature, then you are anti-human, since human being survive by changing their environments. Also, nature made us that way.
Comment 4: So caring about nature is anti human now I don’t see how that works we don’t need to destroy ecosystems for humans to survive.
Pro-human response: Holding untouched nature as some kind of intrinsic value is anti-human. Human beings survive by changing their environment. If you view changing the environment as a bad thing, then human nature as such is a bad thing. Therefore, anti-human.
The video came out last week and has already been viewed over 334,000 times

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