Tuesday, 11 February 2020

"Our so-called economic recovery is actually a 'bubblecovery' based on the growth of dangerous new bubbles and another debt binge." #QotD

"I have been warning that we are experiencing another massive bubble for eight years now (starting in June 2011) and I am proud of it...  My belief is that our so-called economic recovery (both U.S. and global) is actually a 'bubblecovery' based on the growth of dangerous new bubbles and another debt binge. These bubbles are ballooning across the globe in numerous assets, industries, and countries such as U.S. equities and bonds, U.S. higher education, U.S. corporate debt, tech startups, shale energy, China and emerging markets, New Zealand, Australian and Canadian property, and more. The actual driver of these bubbles is the extremely aggressive central bank policies since the global financial crisis (i.e., record-low interest rates and quantitative easing).
    "While most of my trolls and critics assume that I’ve been calling to short the market for nearly a decade because of my bubble warnings (and have, therefore, been wrong all along), they couldn’t be further from the truth..."

~ Jesse Colombo, from his post 'Why Warning About A Bubble For A Decade Is Completely Rational'

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