Thursday, 6 February 2020

Getting rights right

The treaty signed at Waitangi offered to recognise in all Maori the rights of British citizens. But what are rights? Why were they considered so important? How are they under attack today -- and how can you help defend them? 

Here's an important new book that you need to know about, by our friends at the Rights Institute:
Liberty's torch is struggling to remain alight today. As a result, tragedy is looming large for what remains of Western civilisation. If Liberty's light is ever to regain its lustre, and Western civilisation to flourish again, then two important questions about her flame need to be answered: what is the fuel? and what is the oxygen?

The answer to the first question is: a wise and moral people.
The answer to the second question is: rights.
But, what are rights, and what do they protect? Why are rights needed? How are they gained and forfeited? Who has them, and why? A new booklet by Terry Verhoeven at the Rights Institute answers all these questions, and more. In as little as one sitting, with Rights: Rediscovering Our Means to Liberty you will learn all of the essentials of rights, and gain an exceptional insight into our means to and importance of liberty.

Never before has a book presented the argument for rights, and presented their roots in reason, so succinctly -- not with so many diagrams! There is even a test at the end of the 77-page read to bed in what you have learned.

The best place to purchase Rights in paperback is from Book Depository, who also offer free shipping. You can also purchase it as an e-book from Amazon. Alternatively,  you can read it free online simply by registering on the Rights Institute website, and logging in! 
Enjoy the intellectual adventure!

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