Wednesday, 29 January 2020

In praise of idle politicians #PartTimePM

There's a meme going around attacking the PM because she's a #PartTimePM.

Not building state houses. Not building govt roads. Not passing new laws. Not delivering.

As if the memesters want what she'd be delivering!


Because when she has "done" something that's been attacked too: anti-gun laws, anti-landlord laws, anti-property deals. Attacked with the same meme: #PartTimePM

These people are idiots.

I would have thought that if you were opposed to everything a Prime Minister says, does and aims to do, then the very best Prime Minister you could hope for is one who sits on her hands. Better there than in your pockets. Don't they understand that the more time she's in magazines, the less time she's implementing schemes to do you over.

Yet the less she does, the more they complain!

Dumb. Blind. Idiotic.

To paraphrase Bertrand Russell:
I want to say, in all seriousness, that a great deal of harm is being done in the modern world by the belief in the virtuousness of politicians working hard, and that the road to happiness and prosperity lies in an organised diminution of their work.
Don't call for her to work more: Celebrate her staying home.

Don't use #PartTimePM like a curse word. Starting insisting on it as a firm policy.


  1. The best politician I knew was the mayor of the town I grew up in. He wanted 3 things: to drink beer, run a backhoe, and be mayor. The town elected him in a landslide, multiple times. He occupied the office and stayed the hell out of our way. Wish he was still around--I'd vote for him again, and buy him a case of beer.

  2. Which town was this Dinwar?

    Lazy socialists are far preferable to busy body socialists as the former spend less time purloining our liberty.

    Gideon Tucker gave us this lesson when he said, "No man's life, liberty or property are safe while the legislature is in session." So the less they sit, the better. Ditto the PM in her office.


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