Thursday, 14 November 2019

"Reframe the debate: Immigration isn't about charity. It's about justice and abundance"

Co-author Bryan Caplan picks his two favourite panels from his latest book -- a comic book, on immigration,. Why a comic? Because that makes it so easy to read that even those who won't read the abundance evidence can. [And if you won't read, then listen.]

"Reframe the debate," he argues: "Immigration isn't about charity. It's about justice and abundance."
Open Borders is a non-fiction graphic novel. If you’re unfamiliar with the genre, picture a comic-book documentary. While the form is light-hearted, the content is thoroughly researched and carefully documented. I strive to steelman the critics. I’ve got chapters on all the leading objections to open borders: economic, fiscal, cultural, and political. The book has a major section on immigration and IQ, and discusses ancestry research in detail. I argue with Milton Friedman on immigration and the welfare state, Socrates about Western civilization, and Mark Krikorianabout backlash.
    While the book is packed with arguments, you can easily read it cover-to-cover (minus the References) in two fun-filled hours. Indeed, out of all my books, Open Borders delivers the most information per minute of reader time. How is this possible?    Because combining words and pictures allows me to communicate far more economically than I can communicate with words alone.
    Who’s the target audience? Everyone from curious laymen to researchers specializing in immigration. And due to the format, “laymen” even includes precocious kids as young as seven. I’m not kidding: My youngest kids kept reading it over my shoulder as I was writing it.
    False modesty aside, the book is funny. Professional humorist Zach Weinersmith helped me with my jokes, and added many of his own to the script...
    Above all, I consider Open Borders the most persuasive book I’ve ever written. I know what I’m advocating is radical and scary. I know I bear the burden of proof – and I gladly accept it. I know that political discourse has gone from bad to worse over the last decade. My goal, however, is to be part of the solution. I don’t want to demonize, humiliate, or “call out” people who disagree with me about immigration. I want to listen to them, answer their objections to their own satisfaction, and be friends.    An impossible dream? Probably. But Open Borders is me doing my best to make that dream a reality.
P.S. Here are two of my favorite pages.

Who exactly are the two authors?

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  1. Google account15 Nov 2019, 07:56:00

    Congo has 81 million people. If they all moved to NZ next week NZ would cease to exist by Christmas. Clownshow.

    1. And yet for decades (when immigration *was* open) they could, and didn't. Ask yourself why. Clown.

  2. I found those two snarly Muslims living down the road just before they went back to Syria for retraining Peter.They didn't make it to your place last year They said to me "Immigration isn't about charity. It's about justice and abundance". >>Yes that's right I said I'll get Peter to buy you tickets and pick you up from the airpot,take you to his place to live; Ministry of Socila will pay for the vibrancy and Peter will fit in to Islam rules. He's totally naive,knows nothing about Jihad, you should be able to get him out of the place in a week ot two.

    1. The author promises to address your and all similar objections. Why not read it first before you comment?

    2. If the rest of his comic book is anything like the pages posted here, then it’s probably not worth reading. New Zealand has a small population. Import enough muslims and the chance of ever achieving a fully free NZ will be gone. Islam and liberty do not mix.

    3. You're wasting your time, Mark. Richard only reads things with which he already agrees. And Paul cannot read. Even a comic book is beyond them.

    4. "Let peaceful people pass freely." That's the correct, practical and prosperous mix of liberty and immigration -- and Bryan's book and others amply demonstrate. The simple fact is that immigration restrictions and liberty do not mix.


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