Monday, 2 September 2019

80 years ago today ...

Today commemorates the day World War 2 in Europe effectively began in earnest. Eighty years ago today, Germany invaded Poland from the west, triggering the ultimatum given to Germany by Britain and France. Two weeks later, the Soviet Union invaded Poland from the east.

The invasion resulted in war against Germany, France and Britain going to war to protect a territory they couldn't defend after handing over several they could.

Such being the logic of war, however, while the invasion meant war with one invader, the conflict resulted in an alliance with the other, the Soviet Union, to whom Britain and France helped deliver all of Eastern Europe -- including the country they went to war pledged to protect.

So in that sense, if today marks the effective start of World War 2 in Europe, what year would you say it really ended?

And how honourably did Britain and France act?


  1. 'what year would you say it really ended?'

    The parliamentary elections of 1989? Somewhat earlier when Poland became free of the Warsaw Pact?

  2. Google Account3 Sep 2019, 14:05:00

    "And how honourably did Britain and France act?"

    They acted in self preservation knowing they couldnt trust anything from the Third Reich and in time Germany would very likely turn against them. WW2 wasn't started over Poland.


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